Derek Henderson x Simone Gooch

More floriculture may be coming to a coffee table near you thanks to two visionaries.

Photography Derek Henderson

Derek Henderson, one of New Zealand’s finest exports (Australia finally nabbed him), boasts quite the diverse portfolio. From fashion, portraiture and landscapes to still lifes, architecture and interiors, his eye is inimitable.

In a fantasy team-style still life collaboration, Henderson joined forces with florist Simone Gooch (of Fjura fame) for a new book full of blooms. Australian-born and now London-living Gooch is renowned for her minimalist take on floriculture (she can even finesse the common nasturtium into a sculptural sensation) and, with clients like Hermès, Louis V and Chanel all vying for her aesthetic, we’re 100 confident her serving of arrangements in their new book will be nothing less than modern masterpieces.

Due to publish in 2021 by Perimeter Books, a limited print run of approximately 700 copies will be heading to the press. The New Zealand release will be timed to coincide with an exhibition hosted at Melanie Roger Gallery in Auckland who also have the rights to offer some limited-edition large-scale prints available for pre-purchase now.

derek henderson fjura

“This series of images came about after I first worked with Simone on an assignment regarding her practice as a florist for Pleasure Garden magazine published out of the UK. We had arranged to do some still life images of roses at Hamish McKay’s place (c.1965 mid-century architecture) at Raumati, just outside of Wellington. We had picked the roses from Matthew’s Roses (est. 1947) just outside of Whanganui then loaded them up and sped to Hamish’s place a few hours drive away to set up and photograph them in his modernist home. Then and there we decided to return one day to Matthew’s rose farm and do a series of collaborative still life images for a book and an exhibition. This project is the result.” — Derek Henderson.


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