Deadweight Loss: The Value of Making by Moniek Schrijer, Laurie Steer and Cat Fooks


Moniek Schrijer, Laurie Steer and Cat Fooks


1 August – 18 October 2020


Objectspace, 13 Rose Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland


Inspired by the value we ascribe to the objects that surround else in daily life. Deadweight Loss explores contemporary making at a moment when ideologies of craft, the bespoke and the handmade have returned to consumer popularity.

An obscure economic term, deadweight loss refers to the point in the ‘law’ of supply and demand where an equilibrium between goods in the market and buyers cannot be met, resulting in a market imbalance. Three artistic approaches by makers, Moniek Schrijer, Laurie Steer and Cat Fooks highlight the object’s power to express or diminish value – be it as markers of good or bad taste, prestige or overt sentimentality.

objectspace deadweight

Money Bags by Moniek Schrijer, 2020.
Image: Samuel Hartnett.

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