Deadly Ponies embrace full circularity

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Deadly Ponies launch their first Recycle Collection and take another step towards full circularity.

You might remember when we mentioned that Deadly Ponies were starting a recycling programme where customers could return their pre-loved bags into store to not only help create a circular fashion system but also receive a $50 voucher.

Well… since the initiative launched in June, the people have embraced the concept and this evening will see the launch of the brand’s inaugural Recycle Collection — handcrafted from 100 per cent recycled leather, silk and solid brass.

The collection includes four limited-edition pieces; a silk eye-mask, a leather sunglasses case, a leather
coaster set and a custom-designed brass handcrafted in collaboration with local artist, Hannah Valentine. In
addition to the launch, Deadly Ponies pledge to donate 10 per cent of profits to their 2020 partner,
Dress For Success NZ — empowering women to experience financial freedom in New Zealand and re-enter
the workforce.

The limited-edition collection is available exclusively online for pre-order this evening from 6pm and in store at Deadly Ponies from early September. 


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