Cook up your own storm at home, thanks to Insta

Written by Bea Taylor

How does a chef work from home? They cook, of course. And, luckily for us, they’re sharing their recipe secrets online.

As we all adjust to life in our respective bubbles, finding things to do is suddenly a daunting task. But, if you’ve decided to flex your baking fingers and discover your inner chef during this time, which, seeing as flour demand has gone up 500 per cent in the last two weeks, seems to be what most of New Zealand has chosen to do, then these chefs and restaurants are here to help.


Known for their desserts and gelatos, Miann’s hot-cross buns have also made a prominent mark upon ‘must-eat’ lists over the years. Which is why, if you’re hoping to make your own batch of buns for Easter, Miann’s instagram account should be your first port of call. They’ve generously shared their hot-cross bun recipe with their followers, and it’s a goodie. While you’re there, also check out their craft chocolate brownie recipe — another must-bake. Hit their stories for the recipes and how-to videos.


Andiamo’s executive chef Gareth Stewart is also sharing some recipes on his account and one that caught our eye is his ‘Cacio Pepe potato gnocchi’. After all, now is the ideal time to perfect your gnocchi skills and get those little balls of cloud to professional chef level.


If you’ve ever eaten at Andiamo, then your excitement levels will be hitting the roof when you hear that they’ve shared the recipe for their mac ‘n cheese on their Instagram. As Eat Lit Food’s Albert Cho said, “I really appreciate the lack of vegetables in this creation, just all beautiful beige.” It’s the perfect comfort food for an iso night in.

Head to their story highlights to find the recipe. You’ll also find the recipe for chicken parmigiana, which is another reason to be thankful.


Josh Emmett has been delivering delightful video recipes on his account for a while, but we appreciate them even more now. Learn how to nail the old favourites with ‘risotto 101’ and ‘classic cabonara’, or if you’re missing your Friday night take-outs, he’s got you covered with ‘Thai-style chicken curry.’


Before you head to the supermarket because you haven’t got any mayonnaise or bread, check out Chelsea Winter’s Instagram account. Her recipe for ‘lockdown loaf beer bread’ doesn’t require any yeast, and the ‘10-second aioli’ is an absolute winner.


Hello Beasty have come to the rescue. So far their recipes, which come with a helpful level-of-difficulty rating, have included Korean Spiced Chicken Skewers (level 0) and Garlic coriander BBQ prawns (level 3-4). See their story highlights for full ingredient lists and the how-to.


Sid Sahrawat and his daughter Zoya’s cooking lessons will make you smile. Their ‘Sticky Masterstock pork ribs with kimchi’ will have your mouth watering.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski making an appearance. He’ll teach you how to make the perfect omelette, or delicate chicken tenders, and while you’re there, take the time to appreciate his quarantine-themed titles; “The keep calm-lette” and “Meet less Mondays” are personal favourites.


It was only a matter of time before Gordon Ramsay joined in. If you’ve ever wanted to learn from the famous chef, now’s your chance. His first lesson is how to cook the perfect lamb in 10 minutes. Challenge accepted.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with Lewis Road Creamery’s recipe offerings. First up was ricotta hot cakes, and boy, did those fluffy creations look good. Head to their story highlights to see the recipe and method.

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