Civilisation, Photography, Now by Various Photographers


Richard Misrach, Candida Höfer, Pieter Hugo, Taryn Simon, An-My Lê and more.


Now – 18 October 2020


Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Wellesley St East, Auckland


Civilisation, Photography, Now looks at our built environments and our hyper-connected, 21st-century lives through the eyes of the skillful photographers who have so vividly pictured them. Humans engineer vast systems and structures, producing dazzling spectacles and generating complex conflicts. These ceaseless activities are captured in Civilisation, Photography, Now which features the work of 100 of the world’s finest photographers.

The exhibition illustrates our increasingly global, connected society, and encourages viewers to consider where we live, how we consume, and how we travel, learn, explore and control.

auckland art gallery

Architecture of Density #91, by Michael Wolf, 2006.

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