CHAPTER 02: Celebrating the excellence of black fashion photographers

The murder of George Floyd has the world near-stopped on its axis. The globe over, we’re listening, (actually) hearing and thinking about systemic racism. The fashion industry hasn’t been immune to this issue and, this week, many insiders have been called out about their insidious behaviour. Chapter 02 sees us explore the possibilities of a more inclusive space.

WORDS Adam Bryce

A few weeks back, I penned Chapter 01 about the changing guard of fashion photographers. Until six or so years ago, these roles were dominated by white males who had created a seemingly impenetrable bubble when it came to scoring high-profile campaigns and magazine editorials. It was an untouchable (white) boys club.

In recent years, Jamie Hawkesworth, Zoë Ghertner, Harley Weir and a few select more, managed to pop that bubble which afforded a new guard of female fashion photographers to shine and bring with them a new lens on fashion.

In 2018, the esteemed September issue of American Vogue featured Beyoncé who was photographed by a 23-year-old Black male by the name of Tyler Mitchell. It was the first time, in the magazine’s history, that a photographer of colour had shot the cover. This moment didn’t go unnoticed and attracted the attention of, not only, the fashion media but mainstream media too. While Vogue’s decision was a positive one, it really highlighted the racial issues within the fashion industry.

Less than two years later, Mitchell is now the leader of a fresh, more diverse club, and, with that, a whole new vanguard of leading fashion photographers of colour have slowly begun to emerge and excel. There’s certainly no shortage of talent but, the question is, will the industry embrace this incredible new talent.

Here, we share our favourite photographers of colour. Photographers who deliver, time after time, exceptional work and deserve a spot sitting right next to Mitchell in that new club.

BELOW Joshua Woods.

joshua Woods
jalan and jubril durimel

above Jalan and Jibril Durimel.

stephen tayo

above Stephen Tayo.

Renell Medrano

above Renell Medrano.

Micaiah Carter

above Micaiah Carter.

tyler mitchell

above Tyler Mitchell.

Campbell Addy

above Campbell Addy.

Ronan Mckenzie

above Ronan Mckenzie.

nadine ijewere

ABOVE Nadine Ijewere.

paul mpagi sepuya

above Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

Shaniqwa Jarvis

above Shaniqwa Jarvis.

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