Boost the chances for some very worthy emerging artists

Dig in to help artist-run spaces at Auckland Art Fair 2021 with their fundraising initiative.

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Artist-run gallery spaces are a hugely important part of the art eco-system. They are the galleries that give all-important emerging artists an opportunity to be seen and a platform to sell their work. 

There is an opportunity to help five artist-run spaces participate in February’s Auckland Art Fair 2021, via a Boosted fundraising campaign and they need your support. A presence at the Art Fair enables these spaces to develop new connections both locally and internationally and sustain their artistic careers. 

Donations can be as small or as large as you wish and each contributor will be thanked on an acknowledgement wall at the fair. Here is a taster of what you can expect, should the target be hit.

auckland art fair

room structure by Inga Fillary, 2020;
courtesy of the artist and mothermother.

auckland art fair

Soirée by Priscilla Rose Howe, 2020;
courtesy of the artist and Wet Green.

auckland art fair

Hardly Working (installation view, RM Gallery)
by Wendelein Bakker, Clare Fleming, Deborah Rundle
and Shelley Simpson, 2017; courtesy of the artists
and RM gallery.


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