Billy Apple, @SPA_CE


From the Collection by Billy Apple


26 September – 24 October 2020


SPA_CE, 116 Tennyson St, Napier


From the Collection, a body of work that encourages an exchange between the artist, the dealer and the collector.

From the Collection, the third key component of Apple’s practice in the 1980s, gets underway. Though not the first, two of the earliest canvases, From the BNZ Art Collection and From the Jenny and Alan Gibbs Collection, establish the parameters for the series. The former is commissioned by Peter McLeavey for New Zealand’s first corporate collection. Apple designs the typography in New York and it is painted by his signwriter, Terry Maitland, in Auckland, using the corporate colours of the Bank of New Zealand brand. The latter is produced for private collectors in Auckland who made their fortune in the wake of New Zealand’s shift to a free-market economy and its sale of state-owned assets. With these two paintings, the look of the series is set… From the Collection is ongoing.


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