Batten and Kamp, @DESIGNART TOKYO


On Stone and Sky by Batton and Kamp


27 October – 3 November 2020 (Also Online)


Design Art Gallery, Space O, Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, Japan


Hey friends and fans.

Ali and I are so happy to launch our new exhibition ‘On Stone and Sky’, both online and at DESIGNART TOKYO today.

It’s taken months of hard work and learnings to organise remotely our most important exhibition to date. We’ve been gathering, arranging and rearranging heavy things as usual and Ali has been lost in a forest of silk and natural pigments. All of this to produce just a few new pieces that we love and an exhibition that we are really proud to share with Japan in person, and with all of you online.

Having largely removed ourselves from the tumult of the global digital sphere, we’ve tried to spend most of 2020 engaging as directly as possible with the physical world around us. It’s a spiritual endeavor (though not the rising superstitious kind) to search for beauty and truth out there in the real, through the practice of object making. Combining the earthy with the ethereal, ‘On Stone and Sky’ reflects our interest in the land as a source of stillness and the sky as a space for dreaming.

On Stone and Sky includes new editions of our Shelter to Ground series as well as the results of new directions of exploration. All pieces are available to purchase from anywhere. You can learn all about them in our online exhibition.


Batton and Kamp.

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