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Rainbow Contemporary, a new digital museum led by the former CEO of digital art auction house, Paddle8, endeavours to bring the art world and together with charities or, in a broader sense, “bring hope and happiness to all through creative and charitable projects.”


Rainbow Contemporary x Ryan McGinley (left); Rainbow Contemporary x Sarah Cain (right)

Inspired by the global ‘Quarantine Rainbows’ movement, in which kids are creating and window-displaying their rainbow-inspired artworks, Rainbow Contemporary have rounded up art royalty including Richard Phillips, Ryan McGinley, Sarah Cain and FriendsWithYou to create t-shirt designs inspired by rainbows.

The tees, available from Thursday 14 May through to the end of June, cost US$45 with all proceeds going to support the efforts of international charity, Save the Children. Each purchase will provide one day of food for a child affected by Covid-19. /

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