Areez Katki, @SUMER


On Chroma by Areez Katki


17 October — 14 November 2020


Sumer, Waihirere Lane, Tauranga


A series of tableaus by Areez Katki that survey the psychological resonances of colour and form through modes of mark making and abstraction.

The works regenerate Katki’s thread of ethno-social implications, where a holistic craft materiality is employed through the process of needlework executed over hand-woven textiles. In this case, the ground is a custom-handwoven Ikat khadi, where both weft and warp threads were designed to correspond with selected emotional cues from a Theosophical colour chart.

An introspective analysis of phenomenological studies has led Katki to further mine the depths of memory in a childhood home, which have been filtered through abstractions of non-linguistic mark making. These have been supported by some of the principles from Annie Besant’s Theosophical texts, particularly ‘Thought Forms’ (1901, co-written with C.W. Leadbeater).


Sympathetic Qualities by Areez Katki, 2020.

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