Prepare yourself to be inspired by both legendary and little-known architects with these absolute-must-watch films.


Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man who Built America (2017)

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s greatest ever architects. In this documentary, Jonathan Adams sets off across America to explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, uncovering along the way the life story of the man behind them.

Watch it here: YouTube

Mies on Scene (2018)

It’s the story of a building that changed the history of architecture — the Barcelona Pavilion. Its construction by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, and subsequent reconstruction, will immerse you in a reflection on the perception of art, space and the concept of a masterpiece.

See the trailer: here

Renzo Piano: the Architect of Light (2018)

Filmmaker Carlos Saura follows Renzo Piano through the construction of one of his most iconic projects — the Centro Botín Art Gallery in Santander, Spain. From its elevated glass and steel walkways to the ceramic tiles that reflect the sunlight and the sea, the building makes a strong visual statement.

Watch it here: Mubi

Bauhaus Spirit (2018)

Take a look inside the philosophy that helped to develop the 1919 Bauhaus school — a place which made art, design and architecture political. Join in celebrating the cultural history of modern spatial thinking.

Watch it here: Amazon

Do More with Less (2017)

This inspiring film looks into the social role of architects in Latin America, exploring the ways in which the future of architecture can be improved and provide an alternate economic problem.

See the trailer: here

Harry Seidler: Modernist (2016)

This documentary reveals an intimate portrait of Harry Seidler’s extraordinary life and internationally recognised work as one of the greatest modernist architects.

Watch it here: DocPlay

Samurai Architect: Tadao Ando (2015)

Revered for his refined and minimalist designs, this documentary follows Japanese architect Tadao Ando over the course of the year, unveiling his creative process.

See the trailer: here

REM (2016)

Over four decades, architect Rem Koolhaas redefined the role of the architect in the world and here, filmmaker Tomas Koolhaas spends three years following his father around the globe.

See the trailer: here

It’s All a Plan (2017)

A product of 10 years, this documentary is a personal portrait of Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, filmed by his daughter. Inspiring stuff.

See the trailer: here

Moriyama-San (2017)

Follow a week in the extraordinary-ordinary life of Mr Moriyama, a Japanese art, architecture and music amateur who lives in one of the most famous pieces of contemporary Japanese architecture. The Moriyama House, built in Tokyo in 2005.

Watch it here: YouTube

Frey: Part 1 — the Architectural Envoy (2018)

Catch part one of the two-part series from exploring the early life and work in Europe of Swiss-born architect Albert Frey to his accomplishments in New York in the 1930s.

See the trailer: here

Die Neue Nationalgalerie (2017)

This German documentary looks into Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie Museum — an epoch-defining structure by the legendary architect, Mies van der Rohe.

See the trailer: here

Integral Man (2017)

Jim Stewart is the most-published mathematician since Euclid. He’s also a concert-level violinist, calculus professor, philanthropist and gay rights activist. This film takes a look into his home, the Integral House, designed around a stunning internal concert hall, which has now been hailed as a masterpiece by some of the greatest architecture and design critics in the world.

See the trailer: here

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