An office chair affair

What’s in a chair? You just plonk your butt down and you’re done, right? Wrong. We’ve scoured the universe researching the best for your consideration. Now that workplace romances are on hold (the physical part, anyway), we’re instead going gaga over some of the world’s best-designed office chairs.

WORDS Sara Black
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designer office chair

‘RM 57’ Chair
Perhaps not the most ergonomic chair I’ve ever coveted but you can’t deny the beauty of VZÓR’s ‘RM 57’ chair. Professor Roman Modzelewski created a prototype in 1957 and it’s only recently been put in production. It’s available in over a whopping 80 fabrics and its pins in several colour varnishes as well as satin and chrome finishes. Gotta love those Lithuanians.

‘Spoon’ Chair by Kartell
One of the more fruity task chairs on offer is Kartell’s ‘Spoon’ chair. Designed by Italian Antonio Citterio in 2007, alongside then-head-of-department designer Toan Nguyen, this classic even boasts a hidden height-adjusting system. The polypropylene core allows for easy, fluid movement. If you’re a colour fan, go bold and go orange.

designer office chair

‘Aluminium Group Executive’ Chair by Herman Miller
The godfather of chairs needs no introduction but I get paid to write, so. Designed by power couple Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, this classic comes with all of the bells and whistles to make work a breeze. Would you like a pneumatic lift and tilt with that? How about an extended pneumatic lift and tilt? Also available in a bunch of slightly different variations, including a luxe soft pad version.

designer office chair

‘Von’ Work Chair by Ercol
Hlynur V. Atlason wasn’t pissing around when he designed his ‘Von’ Work Chair for Ercol in 2018. Boasting 360º of gentle curves, it oozes comfort whilst also ticking all the right boxes for functionality.

designer office chair

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