Ammon Ngakuru, @ENJOY


Cutouts by Ammon Ngakuru


18 September – 24 October


Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, 211 Left Bank, Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington


Including new paintings and assemblage sculptures, Cutouts explores the material economies of gathered objects and a particular architectural site — the now permanently closed Mormon Church College of New Zealand, where Ngakuru went to school.

With a distinctive architectural style including clean lines, recessed elements and a white colour pallette, the school dormitories of the Church of Latter Day Saints are rendered in Ngakuru’s work as large blocks of colour on dark backgrounds, with minimal coherent details. Painted with a genuine sense of familiarity and fondness, these paintings signal towards the idea of renaming, making and imposing categorical identities as colonial strategies.

Also included in Cutouts is a series of sculptures made from ephemeral materials with various connotations of value: star “confetti” made from old newspapers, a shoe box, a bird’s nest, a copy of Artforum magazine. Ngakuru’s work encourages us to reconsider biography and identity, exploring the way that history is read in the post-colonial context of Aotearoa.


Cut Out by Ammon Ngakuru, 2020.

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