Allbirds unveil their new underwear collection

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

Allbirds. The eco-minded wool sneaker people, right? Yes. And now underwear conglomerates too.

Back up to 2014, and a new New Zealand/American combo company had launched. Allbirds burst onto the sustainability scene with a hiss and a chirp with one sole focus — making environmentally friendly footwear.

Six years on, with global domination under their wings after dabblings in the thongs/jandals/flip-flops arena and a mighty new coup of a collab with adidas, we see Allbirds tackle another body region.

Undies are on the menu, in the form of thongs, boxer briefs, bralettes and shorties. But these are no ordinary kind. Trino™, the material they concocted for their socks, is a heady mix of eucalyptus tree material and merino wool. And the blend is like no other. It’s cooling and breathable, meaning your private parts aren’t going to suffer from unnecessary sweat-induced issues.

If you’re not sold yet (I’m not on commission, I swear), consider these tidbits. Conventional cotton is grown with the nasty aid of intense chemicals including horrendously harsh pesticides. And virgin nylon, as unassumingly innocent as it sounds, is a synthetic material derived from petroleum. Sure, it’s durable and has great stretching capabilities but it’s made from a non-renewable resource (oil) and the whole thing, from start to finish (initial processing to its last dying breath in a landfill some billion years later), is simply so shit for our planet that you must concur that eco gruts are the future.

A small change you can make for the betterment of Earth. Plus you won’t stink so much after the gym.

allbirds underwear
allbirds underwear
allbirds underwear
allbirds underwear

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