Allbirds and Chinatown Market raise funds and IQs

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Sustainable footwear specialists, Allbirds, and irreverent streetwear brand, Chinatown Market, raise funds and IQs in one fell swoop.

New Zealand’s Allbirds have teamed up with LA’s Chinatown Market for a sustainable mash-up. And they’ve enlisted the help of designer Nicole McLaughin to create five upcycled fashion pieces — a vest, chair, pair of slides and two purses.

With a vision of inspiring young designers to challenge the confines of their creative consciousness, the pieces will be sold via an online auction on 7 August, with 100 per cent of the proceeds being donated to black-trans support initiative, The Okra Project and climate-change focused Sunrise Movement.

Part two of the collaboration will see Allbirds and Chinatown Market challenge their fans to design their own bespoke creations. Keep your Instagram eyes peeled for a five-episode IGTV series, where renowned creatives will walk you through crafting your own DIY design.

At the end of the series, viewers will have the chance to submit their sustainable creations and go in the chance to win a two-week digital mentorship with the Allbirds and Chinatown Markets teams. 


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