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All Is For All is a social change agency that focuses on increasing awareness and making change in the world for those with accessibility needs.

Founded in 2017 by Ange Bevan and the influential Grace Stratton, All Is For All work alongside some of the world’s largest organisations, helping them adapt their offering to benefit people with accessibility issues. And now, they’ve teamed up with New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to create a content platform entitled Amplify, which gives disabled people around the world a platform to share their stories and voice opinions on their own unique challenges.

Stratton says the opportunity to move into content creation came through conversations with AUT about how best to “give an authentic space to the voice of young, cutting-edge, disabled people” with the content section being developed by disabled creators. Stratton’s goal is to invest in the development of disabled people across the globe including young activists like Kiringāua Cassidy, who will contribute pieces in Te-Reo Māori, and model/influencer Rebecca Dubber, whose career has grown exponentially with All Is For All’s support.

Check out Amplify and sign up to their mailing list for updates.

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