adidas and Allbirds join forces to save the planet

Written by Adam Bryce

The sneaker industry hasn’t got the best rap when it comes to sustainability and the industry’s 700m metric tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions doesn’t help the cause. But two of the industry’s more conscious brands have come together to make a pro-active effort to accelerate the pace to achieve carbon neutrality.

The unification of two sportswear companies is rare in this highly competitive industry but, when it comes to their affect on the planet, adidas and Allbirds have put all that aside for a greater good. The two companies have been at the forefront of making changes in this field for some time and the partnership will see them open the doors to each other’s suite of sustainable innovations. The brands will combine advancements in technology, processes and use of natural materials in order to achieve a big goal.

Their union, while part of a much bigger picture initiative, will also see the development of a sport performance shoe with the lowest ever carbon footprint.

It’s an exciting move that we hope will make others in the market stand up and take notice.



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