Add some Danish to your deck life

Dream of heady days once more with a cane chair to take your mind off matters.

WORDS Sara Black
Photography Supplied

When life, pre-Covid, was all tennis matches and dirty martinis, outdoor furniture was at the fore of every al fresco entertainer’s mind. Add in a pool-boy dalliance and life was but a dream.

Now, it’s all personal protective equipment public service announcements (“wear one”, “don’t”, “buy a designer one” [from here or here or here]).

But we can hope for a brighter future. One where half-sozzled, mid-arvo amblings around the pool are de rigueur once again. Where losing a Chanel slipper during pre-supper’s sangria session doesn’t result in an inexplicable amount of tears.

When all feels brink-of-despair-ish, furniture shopping offers a pinnable glimmer of hope. It’s a ‘Paris’ chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1925. With nights burgeoning on the verge of temperature rising, allow manau and tohiti rattan thoughts enter your stricken mind, just in time for a spring purchase.

paris chair


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