Activist Mānuka hand-craft an 850+MGO immunity booster

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

New Zealand — a land of mānuka trees and a new, immune-boosting raw, mono-floral honey elixir.

New Zealand-born, California-based, globally active brand, Activist Mānuka, produce the finest of raw mānuka health products and they’ve just announced a new addition to the team — Immune Elixir. 

No ordinary immunity booster, the elixir is hand-crafted by clinical herbalists for immune system support and maintenance. Infused with raw mānuka honey 850+MGO, this alchemic ambrosia works symbiotically to restore and nourish the immune system with herbs and adaptogens, under a base of spring water and vegetable glycerine.

And the husband and wife duo behind the brand are well-versed in the immunity-boost requiring lifestyle, having opted out of fast-paced careers for greener pastures. Gabrielle Mirkin and Luke Harwood’s history is documented in INDEX Issue Nº01; a compelling story of the couple shifting in search of the healthiest of lifestyles.

A must-have for 2020 and beyond.

activist manuka

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