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INDEX is a digital platform and print publication which delves deep into relevant topics across fashion, art, beauty, design and more.

INDEX is published in New Zealand with a global view on contemporary culture bringing together some of the most celebrated and respected thought-leaders in a multi-faceted platform for the world’s best and brightest creatives to showcase their work and ideas.

Founded in 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. INDEX is edited by Adam Bryce and art directed by Sara Black. Their hand-picked team of talented creatives based around the world aim for a considered and challenging outlook — setting the tone of a periodical review, making it as valuable to industry insiders as it is to consumers.

INDEX is also at the forefront of bespoke content and brand collaboration, working with an agile approach that delivers specific outcomes across advertising campaigns, native content, and broader solutions such as creative strategy and brand identity.

Adam Bryce

Sara Black


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