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A24 goes 3D with limited-edition merch that you will actually want

Written by Jonathan Mahon-Heap

Imagery Supplied

Cult appeal meets cool apparel as La La Land’s hottest film studio starts flogging its wares. 

The cue of the studio logo as a film’s credits dawn can usher in certain feelings among filmgoers. In the early 00s, the Miramax logo invoked prestige, awards, and Oscar-hungry performances (post-Me-Too, the Weinstein-run studio now stirs different feelings), whereas the enveloping globe of the Universal logo suggested blockbuster joys.

For filmgoers of a certain taste, uber-cool L.A. film studio A24 lends a patina of cinephile credibility to what’s to come, washing all in its neon glow. What’s more, the cultural blip caused by Covid-19 hasn’t registered on A24’s radar. Season 2 of Ramy, Sofia Coppola’s On the Rocks (described as a ‘sparkling ode to pre-Pandemix NYC’) starring Bill Murray, and David Lowery’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy epic The Green Knight are set to come. 

With Facebook groups, memes, a podcast (Barry Jenkins in conversation with Claire Denis, Jonah Hill with Michael Cera), devoted to the studio, there’s now a broad church of merch hailing from A24’s offices in L.A. too.

Read Frank Ocean’s essay for the Moonlight coffee table book. Shoot hoops like Adam Sandler an Uncut Gems basketball. Browse the world’s only Toni Colette magazine, edited by megafan John Early. A clothing line, posters, and even candles now allow you to live the silver screen dream; all A24, 24/7.


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