Bread. A new, clean haircare brand for people of colour

Written by Adam Bryce

Photographed by Nonny B


Purpose-designed products to embrace naturally curly, frizzy hair. Thanks to Australia.

Maeva Heim, the founder of Australian haircare brand, Bread, grew up in her mother’s hair salon. It was one of the first African salons in Perth and, despite being surrounded by all kinds of natural hair types, Heim straightened her hair every morning to fit in with her perceived idea of stereotypical beauty.

Sticking with the industry, Heim went on to work in brand management roles at L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble. Finally, she felt compelled to embrace her natural texture and realised there was a need in the marketplace for promoting her vision.

And, so, after many years of research, Bread has launched. A clean hair brand for curls (from 3A – 4C) which includes hair washes, masks and oils.

bread hair care
 “In the haircare space, women with textured hair haven’t really been included in conversations around effortless hair. I think there’s this rhetoric that textured or curly hair is hard or time-consuming to look after, and requires lots of product and manipulation. But I want our audience to feel like she can embrace lazy-girl hair too.”
— Maeva Heim.

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