A brief guide to natural beauty with Ere Perez

Written by Hannah Cole

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Mexican-Australian brand, Ere Perez, takes us on a journey to holistic beauty.

With all the jargon used in the beauty space these days, you would be forgiven for any confusion. Products are natural, vegan, organic, clean (or not). Our eyes and ears are flooded with an abundance of labels, rendering them almost meaningless; one big blur of products to integrate at an ever-increasing scale. “It’s a lot,” as The Bachelor starlet, Abbie Chatfield, would say. No matter your opinion of her, she’s right. 

My attempts to curate a conscious wardrobe have transpired to the bathroom cabinet as I search for a more sustainable, less harmful, way of living. Wading through the gelatinous mess of labels doesn’t make this easy though. How do I know if what I’m buying is “right” or legitimate? 

At the core of the discussion sit the “natural” and “clean” contenders, which sound similar, but carry different identities. Clean typically refers to products that contain either natural or synthetic ingredients, but have been tested as safe for use (or, as Shape clarifies, there is no evidence that they aren’t safe for use). While some synthetics are deemed safe for human use, more brands are choosing to stick to the natural way — where ingredients are naturally derived. 

Currently, no regulating bodies are determining the correct use of this language, so it’s a little finger-in-the-breeze at times. That is unless you find a trusted brand steeped in tradition and accolades. Enter Ere Perez.

I was first introduced to the label in 2017 when toxin-free advocate Sarah Wilson spruiked the makeup as a brand to know. She researched it for me. Ere Perez has been promoting the movement for much longer though, with an 18-year history of going against the grain. As a brand spokesperson told me, “Natural is in our DNA, it’s not a trend for us.” 

Heritage and tradition laid the groundwork for the brand, founded by its namesake Ere Perez and inspired by her childhood in Mexico with her medicine healer grandfather. “The power of nature to heal and enhance wellbeing,” was instilled in Perez from an early age. From there, she has created a brand that is more than a simple cover-up of blemishes, but one that advocates for restorative beauty. It’s makeup designed to nourish and celebrate the natural beauty of each wearer. 

All this sounds romantic and whimsical, but natural beauty is also a “step towards detoxing our lives,” the brand notes. “A beauty bag can contain many undesirable toxins — but it doesn’t have to be that way.” 

Glancing at the list of ingredients on my moisturisers and it is a shocking jumble of x’s and -oxides that go far over my head. Are they “clean”? I have no idea, so my default route is edging towards the natural, and I’m not alone. 

As Ere Perez points out, “Natural beauty is now a trend that is sweeping the globe an influencing ‘mainstream’ brands as well.” Mecca now offers “naturally-derived”, “ingredient-conscious” and “vegan” edits, while Adore Beauty highlights “clean beauty” purchases. Note that even natural ingredients can be misused though, so keep an eye out, particularly when it comes to essential oils and sensitive skin. 

Research and long development times allow Ere Perez to create clean products that combine nourishing properties from ingredients found in the kitchen pantry — and on my plate. Try the natural almond mascara (great for the sensitivity of our eyes), olive oil lipsticks and even oat milk foundations. I can now literally indulge my face with the ingredients that I consume on a near-daily basis; they make me feel good both inside and out. Winter is the ultimate test, and I’m happy to confirm that switching to a predominantly natural routine (with a few in the “clean” category chucked in for good measure), has left my skin vibrant and soothed. It’s my first winter in recent memory sans cruel dry patches that refuse to hydrate. 

So, are you ready to give the natural way of life a go? Do your research and select wisely. Find brands steeped in trust and accolades — those that present more than pretty packaging and bewildering OTT promises. Familiarise yourself with the ingredients list and recognise what works for your skin, then start building your repertoire. Test out a moisturiser, a mascara, a deodorant, or Ere Perez’s famed Moringa All-Beauty Creme and serums. Choose something that will seamlessly fit into your routine and go from there. You’ll look so good you could *almost* taste it.

ere perez
ere perez
ere perez

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