A behind-the-scenes look at Paris Georgia’s fashion show

Written by Sabina Sysantos

Photographed by Luke Foley-Martin

Paris Georgia paves the way in their first post-lockdown fashion show.

Last week saw the very welcome return of fashion shows in New Zealand, with Paris Georgia leading the way at their 03 Collection presentation party. East St. Hall served as the venue for both the runway and after-party portions of the night, with models making their way throughout the courtyard before the space reverted back into the watering hole we’ve all come to know and love in recent weeks. Styled by Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards, the show featured 24 looks of pistachio green, butter yellow, and cobalt blue hues, worn by the brand’s muses and friends. 

All these aspects came together to create an event that felt just as much about the sense of community as it was about the clothes. This was the brand’s first show after their decision earlier in the year to cease following the traditional fashion calendar and instead release collections as they feel appropriate. As the fashion industry increasingly does away with the hectic and excessive nature of traditional fashion weeks, more brands like Paris Georgia have begun to reinvent the concept of the ‘fashion show’ in a way that’s more relevant to our times and sustainable for the future. It’s clear that this new approach to fashion shows comes from a genuine desire to do better, and the brand’s refreshing take has proven that, sometimes, all a fashion show needs to be is a celebration of creativity and talent that brings people together.

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