2 in 1: Judy Millar and Alberto Garcia-Alvarez


Judy Millar and Alberto Garcia-Alvarez


4 – 25 August 2020


Gow Langsford Gallery, Kitchener St, Auckland


An exhibition featuring the work of Alberto Garcia-Alvarez and Judy Millar, curated by Stephen Bambury. Bambury and Millar were both heavily influenced by Garcia-Alvarez during his time teaching at ELAM, this exhibition brings the three back together, but in a public forum for the first time.

The exhibition will focus on two distinct periods of Garcia-Alvarez’ and Millar’s work. Paintings produced by Garcia-Alvarez during his time in California in the late 1960s have been selected by Bambury to sit alongside paintings painted during the last few years in his Auckland studio. Millar will exhibit work from 1981 when she was a student at Elam together with a number of recent paintings.


Untitled by Judy Millar, 2020. Image credit: Sam Hartnett.

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